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Does your car engine have trouble turning over or stalling at intersections? Is a faulty air conditioning system leaving you a sweaty mess? Have you noticed your car pulling to the side, even on straightaways?

If your car isn't acting like its normal self, it might be time for a check-up. No matter your vehicle's ailment, at McCarthy Nissan, we have the capacity to cure it. The certified technicians and mechanics at our auto repair shop have the skills and knowledge to expertly perform the following services, and then some:

·         Oil Change - An oil change (and filter change) involves draining old engine oil from the car and replacing it with the synthetic-blend oil and filter that's recommended by Nissan or your manufacturer.

·         Coolant Flush - Also known as "cooling system service," a coolant flush involves eliminating sediment and rust by flushing cleaner through the system and replacing old fluids with new antifreeze.

·         Transmission Work - We will identify transmission problems and correct them, whether that means performing a traditional transmission flush to pump out sludge or something more advanced.

·         Engine Tune-Up - For your car to fire on all cylinders, you should get a basic engine tune-up to inspect and replace/repair everything from fuel injectors to spark plugs to PCV valves. Check your owner's manual for recommended tune-up intervals, or contact McCarthy Nissan for immediate assistance.

·         Tire Rotation & Balancing - Depending on your car's make and model, you should rotate your tires at regular maintenance visits to ensure even wear, and get them balanced if you've noticed excessive vibration when driving especially at higher speeds.

·         Front-end Alignment - Similar to a tire rotation, a front-end alignment consists of adjusting the wheels to make your vehicle run smoother. This is typically done during routine maintenance by adjusting the wheel angles based on the manufacturer's standard specifications.

·         Brake Inspection & Repair - If you've noticed squealing, grinding, or a scent of burning rubber when braking, it might be time to get a brake inspection. We will perform a series of tests on your brake pads, rotors, drums, fluid, lines, hoses, shoes, and even the emergency brake to identify and repair any problems.

·         Muffler Replacement - The common symptoms of a failing muffler include loud exhaust noise, a misfiring engine, odd smells, condensation, lower MPG, and overheating. Call us right away, and we'll check for holes, cracks, clogs, and more. 

·         State Inspection - We will perform all car inspections according to Kansas laws. Read more about Kansas's inspection requirements here.

·         Air Conditioning Repair - Air conditioning on the fritz? Keep your cool! Our technicians will examine your AC system for signs of refrigerant leaks, loose fittings, broken hoses, and more. Then we'll get it patched up and ready for another hot summer.

·         Regular Nissan Maintenance - Bring your Nissan in for its routine check-up, and we'll perform all maintenance tasks per your model's recommended schedule.

·         Detailing & Car Wash - We also offer car washes and interior detailing services along with our repairs.


Don't wait for that tiny squeak to become an ear-shattering grinding sound. Instead, call us at 877-517-7514 to schedule an appointment or bring your vehicle directly into McCarthy Nissan's auto service department at 683 N Rawhide Road in Olathe, KS. We're located just outside of Kansas City, near Overland Park and Lenexa, and proudly offer affordable auto repairs for all Nissans and other makes and models. In addition to our auto repair services, we also sell new Nissan models and pre-owned vehicles at incredibly low prices. 


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